When we say this building has a history like no other, we mean it.

Built in the 20s (from the previous century of course), this was one of the first buildings with a steel frame in the UK. Not impressed?

Okay then… after WWII, Reverend John Oates wanted to give young people living in underprivileged areas a place where they could meet up, enjoy music, good coffee and… motorbikes. He started the 59 Club, the first motorcycle club in the entire world and had one of the first espresso machines in the country. Truly legendary.

After the 59 Club was relocated, the building went on to become a hub for creatives. It was a venue that hosted Kate Moss’s first professional photo shoot with The Face photographer, Corinne Day, then it became a nightclub, going on to house “20:20”, one of the most award-winning creative agencies in the UK, founded by Riley Riley.

When we took over the building in 2019, designer Marcello Minale from Minale Tattersfield and architect Marco Miotto collaborated to get the building under some extensive refurbishment to make it the perfect home for today’s creatives while all of this exceptional history gets celebrated and current resident creatives can remain in awe of its glorious past.

Salty Commune - 59 Club, mass with people on their motobikes
Salty Commune - Kate Moss's Shoot at St Augustine Hall