A distinctive independent work membership club space just off Hackney Road for nonconformists and rebels thriving within the creative and entertainment sectors.

We are a unique ecosystem of anti-corporate freelancers and creative companies who share stories, ideas & projects with one another.

Based in a deconsecrated church, you can come to do standout creative work away from dickheads, robots and everything else that makes the world feel like an Orwellian fever dream.

We are not just another soulless office space where gentrified decor meets industrial capitalism; there is no machinist ‘work-work-work’ mentality to be found here and you won’t be judged if you don’t have a 24/7 ‘can-do’ attitude.

This is your hallowed homestead away from home designed by the people who use it.

The Main Nave

This is the vivacious heart at the centre of Salty Commune. Our members park up at custom made, fully equipped desks to knuckle down or arse around; no judgement here. Featuring a stage that doubles as a breakout space (and usually a dog or two), our members make themselves at home to work, chat, collaborate and share ideas and musing on life and work and everything in between.

The Roof Terrace

Our rooftop was once a private member’s nightclub and the playful, mischievous energy of this past life is palpable. If the wooden swing doesn’t blow your mind, then just wait til you see our Orgy Room (don’t worry, it’s just what we call our highest, most secret meeting room). Summertime is gonna be SALTY AF!

Perky Bits

Our spooky gothic interiors will awe and dazzle your clients and visitors. Our gender neutral bathrooms on every level keep things simple and inclusive, not to mention some secret trap doors to keep you on your toes… but don’t just take our word for it: come and see our one of a kind hallowed homestead and make up your own mind for yourself.

Ideal Location

Upside: a stone’s throw from Hoxton, Haggerston and Shoreditch, close to great bars and speciality coffee shops, part of ’East End Independents’, a minute’s walk from a choice of supermarkets.
Downside: the closest Gregg’s, Pret and Starbucks are a twenty-minute walk away. Pity, hey?


When we say this building has a history like no other, we mean it.

Built in the 20s (from the previous century of course), this was one of the first buildings with a steel frame in the UK. Not impressed?

Okay then… after WWII, Reverend John Oates wanted to give young people living in underprivileged areas a place where they could meet up, enjoy music, good coffee and… motorbikes. He started the 59 Club, the first motorcycle club in the entire world and had one of the first espresso machines in the country. Truly legendary.

After the 59 Club was relocated, the building went on to become a hub for creatives. It was a venue that hosted Kate Moss’s first professional photo shoot with The Face photographer, Corinne Day, then it became a nightclub, going on to house “20:20”, one of the most award-winning creative agencies in the UK.

Today all of this exceptional history is celebrated in the building and current resident creatives remain in awe of its glorious past.

Salty Commune - 59 Club, mass with people on their motobikes
Salty Commune - Kate Moss's Shoot at St Augustine Hall


Converted church

An amazing space based in a converted church with triple heights like no other in the world

Meeting and Board rooms

Four meeting rooms seating up to 12 with AV facilities and whiteboards

Rooftop bar

A rooftop bar for your ‘medication’

Phone booths

Confide your secret stories on the phone without anybody hearing you

Terrace views

A terrace with incredible views of a Neo-Gothic church

Proper kitchen

A fully equipped kitchen so that you can cook proper meals – and no fish in the microwave

Private Offices

Beautifully crafted private offices with actual windows and walls (incredible, innit?)

Internet & Printing

Blazing fast, reliable internet and all the printing facilities you will ever need

Zero dickheads

We meet every prospective member to make sure we are a mutually good fit. From time to time, our current members also get involved in the process



Salty Commune is bang in the centre of one of the most creative and independently spirited areas of east London. There are plenty of direct links to the area.

A: 6 Yorkton St, London E2 8NH

T: 0800 1950 539
E: [email protected]